A Guide To The Manual Posthole Digger

A manual posthole digger is an equipment used for small excavation projects (as opposed to power augers are used for larger, deeper holes).

Manual posthole digger as some call it is a tool that works well for small jobs. In fact, one-handed earth augers are compared to larger mechanical augers, the manual posthole is to the digger power model.

A posthole digger should not be mistaken for a post pounder, which is often used with a digger but to force the pole into the hole once the hole is excavated. You can also buy one man post hole auger via https://groundhogparts.com/products/modelone-one-man-earthdrill

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After all the preparations you made, mark the spot where you will dig. Then, you hold the handles together, raise the excavator as high as possible, slamming down to push into the ground.

Now pull the handles apart and lift the equipment. Your hole has now been started.

Move the excavator and remove debris between the blade by pulling the handle of each other. Continue in this manner until your hole is dug to the depth you want.

If you have a large excavation project which will involve various digging holes in the hard ground, considering the power earth auger rather than digging auger manually. But remember, regardless of where you buy, only buy from a trusted manufacturer.

If you get a power auger, remember that you will definitely need a second person to help you with that. That's another benefit of the posthole digger: It can easily be used as a one-man operation.