A Simple Introduction to Custom Antibodies

When someone mentions the word antibody, some may know that it is an immunology term, widely used in biology and medical science. However, when someone mentions the term custom antibody, few people know it. In this article, I will give a brief introduction to custom antibodies. To explain this clearly, I will first define antibodies.

1. What is Antibody?

An antibody is an immunoglobulin produced by a type of white blood cell, called a plasma cell. It is a large Y-shaped protein in the immune system that responds to the presence of antigens such as bacteria or viruses. Each antibody has a specific "paratope" that can mark the specific "epitope" on the antigen. Under this binding mechanism, an antibody can oppose or neutralize its target by other parts of the immune system. You can get the best Anti-eNOS/NOS3 Antibody Picoband from Bosterbio.

2. When were antibodies discovered?

Custom antibodies were first mentioned in research by scientists in the early 1980s. To explain Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, John Gribbin and New Scientist magazine editor Jeremy Cherfus put forward a revolutionary method for studying human evolution. He extracted a blood serum protein and injected it into a rabbit.

3. How Can Custom Antibodies Help Scientists?

They helped scientists adapt to specific conditions to produce specific antibodies, and the degree of response indicates the extent of the evolutionary relationship. This method could speed up the discovery of the evolutionary tree of living beings and the creation of proteins to fight disease.

4. How to find the right one?

If you need something specific, you can use online search engines. Many custom antibody suppliers are divided into three types. They are peptides, DNA, and recombinant proteins. If you know the areas of companies that specifically sell antibody products, go directly to the company's website to find specific custom antibodies.

After reading this article, you have got enough information about it. When you search for it online, you can find more information about it. However, be careful when you want to buy it. Now, go and try it.