Effective Physical Therapy Techniques In Lutherville

Physiotherapy refers to a variety of techniques and methods for treating and preventing illnesses. Physical Therapy can also help people adapt to disabilities or the sequels of injuries or illnesses. This specialty does not only treat sick patients but also helps to prevent injuries and damages.

There are many techniques that can be used in physiotherapy to speed up recovery. Affordable active life physical therapy in Lutherville can prevent future problems.

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These are some of the most effective:

Ultrasound Physiotherapy

The ultrasound is one of the tools used in physiotherapy treatment. Ultrasound waves are used to relax muscles, reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing.

While ultrasound is a common treatment, not all studies support it. Deep warming techniques are not recommended by some physical therapists. Before you start this therapy, talk with your physician or physiotherapist about the benefits and risks. This treatment is not recommended for children.


Electrotherapy is a method that can be found in physiotherapy. It aims to produce heat in certain soft tissues to reduce cramping and pain. Electrotherapy uses electrical current to stimulate damaged tissue or muscles. You can choose to apply either alternating current, or direct current. AC is used in most cases because it is more efficient.


Hydrotherapy, another type of treatment, involves immersing the person or parts of the person in water with salts, thermal water, or mud to moisturize and stimulate specific parts of the body. Hydrotherapy has been around since antiquity. Hydrotherapy is a proven therapeutic method that has been used in many countries for centuries and has shown its effectiveness in treating various diseases.