Gentle Way to Help Children Stop Sucking Their Thumb

Thumb sucking is a natural thing for babies. Babies will suck anything we put into their mouths. It's not unusual to see a young baby and toddler sucking their thumbs, but it could be a problem as they get older.

Constant thumb sucking can cause oral and dental defects plus create a social stigma if the habit persists beyond age 4 or 5. You can purchase thumb sucking prevention devices for your children online via

Infants and children suck their thumbs to relieve stress, boredom, and anxiety. For the most part, this habit will naturally reduce their age. If a child continues to suck their thumbs past the point where the permanent teeth start to grow, this practice can lead to malocclusion and potentially serious tissue damage.

As a dental professional, you are counted on to help advise parents on how to eliminate this behavior. Some tools have been developed to make thumb sucking uncomfortable or painful for children. Roller makes it impossible for children to comfortably suck their thumbs as well as providing alternative grabber attention.

The child can rotate the roller with their tongues to replace the thumb-sucking for comfort. Simple and painless solutions can effectively break the thumb-sucking, preventing the bigger dental problems down the road for your young patients.