Home Inspectors Adapt to Corona Virus Needs

With recent concerns Covid-19 virus, which is also known as the Coronavirus, businesses have been required to adapt to new ways of doing business. One way to adapt is to add additional services in response to needs. Another is to adjust how things are done.

Concerns about the spread of viruses and bacteria is a real concern and must have been brought to the top of the mind almost everyone because of the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. People increase the social distance between them. Local bars, restaurants had closed and people have been ordered to stay at home to help prevent the spread of the virus. If you want to get more information about  Covid-19 then you can visit www.covid19india.org/.

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For real estate in most places the buying of homes and condos continues and as result home inspections continue as well. For home inspections, it is recommended that very few people attend the home inspection and of course stay at least 6 feet apart. No more handshaking when the inspector meets the home buyer. Inspectors are washing hands more frequently and applying hand sanitizer frequently. 

Many are wearing gloves and face masks. Face masks are to be worn really only if one is sick or tending to someone who is known to be a carrier of the virus. If a buyer or home inspector is sick they should stay at their own home to help prevent spread. Usually, home buyers are not right next to the inspector some there is low risk of transmission. So the change of how the home inspection is conducted has not varied much.