Improving Your Accuracy In Bowling

You're bowling with your friends at Bowling Alley and you want to do more than a regular game. What's the deal?

Your roommate has discovered variations of the classic game on your bowling screen. Games like Bowlin' Hood,  Rock N Roll Bowling Sport, Last Pin Standing, etc will be a great refresher for your bowling night!

Ask the attendants at your desk to set up your lane for a timed game instead of a series of games. These games can only be played in timed mode. These instructions will be helpful once you have entered all the players into your lane.

Tap the "Your Lane Your Way” button at the top right of the screen.

Select "Skill & Class Games" (a third option, to the left).

Select the variation you want to play with your group, then touch the checkmark and get started bowling!

These are variations of the classic bowling game with different scoring and pin placement rules. Below is a quick overview of each game.

This version is named because it inserts an automatic strike in the third, sixth, and ninth frames. It will speed up your games and help you score higher.

You can change the default frames 3-6-9 to any frame at the front desk. This version allows for a maximum score of 100 points.

You must hit all pins with the first ball, except the headpin. To score a strike, you need to do this. Your score will be null if you hit the headpin with the first ball. You get a spare if you hit all pins with your second ball except the headpin.