In Demand Industries For Your Australian Employment Visa

According to the Australian government, there are thousands of vacancies on the market. It is estimated that if we look at an offline job advertisement and the position is advertised in print media, there could be up to 200,000 open positions. The strong economic outlook is expected to continue throughout the year and lead to a healthier job market. So, if you want to apply for a visa, you need to know the industry you are looking for to increase your chances of entry.


According to SEEK, the demand for training has increased by 112 percent in recent years. This is especially true for special needs or teaching roles in primary schools. It also impacts financial returns, as average wages increase by eight percent in a year or two. Since the current request is not being met, having a teaching certificate will increase your chances of getting a work visa in Australia via

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The design and architecture segment recorded 62% growth. This unprecedented growth means that there is intense competition between different companies in the industry. Experienced designers and architects can expect significant advantages over beginners, and you will likely find that there are more options for employer-sponsored visas.

Health And Safety Specialist:

One of the consequences of the building explosion was a greater demand for occupational safety specialists. The construction industry cannot exist without a health and safety team because the government has strict requirements for public safety and worker safety related to construction work. As long as the construction industry remains strong, there will be a demand for people with OSH skills.