Introduction to An Organic Faith Community In Churches

Today, many people and discover what life is like experiencing the church when believers gather to share the life of Jesus organic within a local "simple church" community!

What is a house church?

A church house or "simple church" is a local "community of faith" of believers in Jesus Christ who enjoy an extended family relationship in order to discover, experiment, and to celebrate the life of Jesus in their midst. 

A house church is established by the support and care relationships based on a commitment to family, community, discipleship, and mutual support. They do not just exist physically nowadays but also available online where you can visit the website to get prayer and read spiritual things. A Church House may meet in a home, business, restaurant, park, school, office or other casual setting.

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It is important to distinguish that a church is not where we meet, but how we meet.

A meeting of the House church is usually an "open meeting. This is an organic part of the simple church, members are invited to participate and each party has in the encounter as the Lord Jesus by the Holy Spirit can lead.

Simple churches come in a variety of flavors, sizes and crossing all denominational lines. There Baptist, Charismatic, Methodist, Lutheran, Mennonite, Pentecostal, non-denominational, and want.

Jesus is always present as the central person in all meetings of the Church of the House. This awareness is fundamental to experience Christ in the middle.

Through the Church House, people around the world know Christ in an organic framework. As a student of the church of the house, like many of you, I'm learning to discover and experience the headship of Christ in an organic framework.