Know All About Leadership Technology

Leadership technology (LTI) is a term used to describe a suite of tools and technologies that can be used by leaders to improve their governance skills. It includes everything from communication and collaboration tools to performance management and human resources tools. You can get more information about governance tools and leadership technology at

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Leadership technology can help leaders remove barriers to effective communication, access relevant data, and manage team performance. In addition, it can help leaders track and measure the effectiveness of their governance strategies

Types of Leadership Technologies

Leadership technologies can be divided into two main categories: task-based and participative. Task-based technologies help leaders manage tasks and priorities, while participative technologies allow leaders to interact with their teams more directly.

1. Teamwork Management Tools: These tools help leaders manage tasks and communicate with their team members. They include things like project management software, collaborative document management platforms, and email management systems.

2. Communication Tools: Leaders can use communication tools to stay in touch with their team members and keep them up to date on progress. This includes things like chat software, video conferencing services, and social media platforms.

3. Performance Management Tools: Leaders can use performance management tools to track employee performance and create effective training programs. This includes things like goal tracking software, employee productivity tracking software, and performance appraisal tools.

4. Decision Support Tools: Leaders can use decision support tools to make better decisions faster. This includes things like forecasting software, simulation software, and decision support systems.

If you're looking to take your governance skills to the next level, consider investing in leadership technology.