Lip-Smacking Indian Cuisines

Earlier, the majority of Indians – mostly Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus – were vegetarians for religious reasons, but now an important part of the country is non-vegetarians.

Therefore a variety of non-vegetarian food such as appetizing chicken curry, butter chicken, fish curry, chicken masala, and prawn curry are made throughout the best Indian restaurants in Richardson TX  and enjoyed by people.

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South Indian Cuisine

The use of various spices in rice, along with coconut and curry leaves, make the lip-smacking cuisine of South India. Rasam, Sambar Dal, Dosa, and Payasam are the main tasty food items in this region. 

North Indian Cuisine

The cuisine of northern India is dominated by Kashmiri and Lucknavi and Punjabi kitchens. Dairy products such as cheese, ghee, and curd are generously used. And, peanut oil is mainly used to prepare various food products.

West Indian Cuisine

Goan, Konkani, Parsi, and Maharashtrian kitchens prepare West Indian Cuisine. Fish is widely used in domestic coastal areas of this region. And, peanut oil is mainly used to prepare various food products.

East India Cuisine

A variety of sweets such as Misti Doi (sweet curd) and Roshogolla are delicacies of this region.

Northeast India Kitchen

The cuisine of this region shows strong Chinese and Burma influence. This is a distinct feature of India Northeast kitchen