Measure And Calculate The Slope Of The Roof For Roof Replacement Services

If there is no roof hanging very low, you will have to climb stairs and work at a height of 1 or 2 feet. Place one end at the height of the ceiling and flatten it horizontally.

Then measure directly from the end of the level in the air to the surface of the ceiling. You can also get slate roof repairs services at

The measurement in inches is the slope of the roof if you are using a 1 foot height. For a height of 2 feet, divide the measurement by 2 to find the slope (14 inches from height to ceiling with a height of 2 feet equals 7 inches of slope).

The slope is the ratio (ratio) between the total height and length. For example, a ceiling that rises to 6 inches for every 12 long ceilings is referred to as "six by twelve" or 6:12 sloping roof.

Calculate the size of the roof

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Given the size of the roof and its slope, you will now need to use a slope multiplier to calculate the exact size of the roof. Use the conversion data table below to find the correct multiplier for multiple roof slopes.

Simple gable roofs such as in ranches and colonial houses are easy to count. Just take the dimensions of the floor, multiply the length by the width (including the protrusions) and multiply by the ceiling slope multiplier.

Don't escape due to skylights, chimneys, or large distracting elements (unless there are a lot of them). Any amount drawn from the total area in square feet is usually reported as waste material from working with these objects.