Mobile Car Washing In The Dark

Mobile car washes are a great business, but winters can be very cold and it's difficult to clean a car without creating ice that could cause you to slip or a customer slip, which is worse.

And the next day when you come back, you'll see the lines and places you missed. It is very difficult for a window to be perfect when there is a layer of moisture on it from the cold air. You can also check for the expert cleaning service via the web.

Car Wash

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Now let's talk a little bit about some strategies. Sometimes it makes sense to leave your home client for later that evening so you can clean the car in the driveway and then let it dry in the light in the garage. 

Of course, we had to wash the vehicle at night under the company parking lights, because these vehicles were outside during the day, serving their own customers.

This spotlight must be mounted on a half wand to avoid shattering the bulb and you should always clean the lens of each bulb as jetting of water will not make the light shine brightly.

Another thing you can do if you're stuck in a situation where you have to do your job perfectly but you can't see what you're doing is clean the car twice or take your sheep's wool with you every time you wash it.