Preparation Of Gluten Free Pizza

The protein found in grains like barley and wheat is what is known as gluten. It is responsible for giving flour the sticky nature when mixed with water. It exists in two forms. One is glutenin and the other gliadin which causes a number of health risks to individuals with certain health conditions such as coeliac disease, allergic reactions to wheat and wheat sensitivity. This is the reason as to why most people switch gluten free pizza in Savage MN .

Gluten is the one that makes foods like pizza have the stretching component. Hence, most people do not enjoy this delicacy as their bodies have trouble digesting it. What most people fail to know is that you can actually prepare pizza that is free from this. All that you need to do is to choose a recipe that goes well with this preference.

First select the right type of flour. Go for a flour base that contains nice touch and neutral flavors so that you are able to add ingredients that will spice it up hence adding some taste in it. This choice of flour should be an alternative to wheat flour which examples may include different types of rice flour like sweet, brown or white rice flour. Yeast, spices like garlic, vinegar and ginger for example can serve as a perfect choice when it comes to adding flavors.

You will also require sea salt, the right oil for example olive oil, a pinch of sugar, basil and of course warm water. Before starting the mixing procedure, turn on the cooking equipment preferably an oven for it to gain heat. Mix the water, yeast extract and sugar in a measuring cup. Put aside to allow the yeast to tinge.

Add the right amount of your choice of flour in a bowl then combine with the other ingredients. Add your oil and apple cider into your mixture then whisk thoroughly. Process the mixture into the food processor and let it remain there for a few minutes so it mixes well.

This dough will be wetter and stickier than the normal one and this helps it to remain soft for a longer period of time. Dust the dough with flour to your satisfaction and then make a ball using very little flour as possible to achieve this. Remember the dough needs to be as wet as possible. Place it in a warm area for approximately two hours until it has doubled up.

Roll the dough into your preferred shape in most cases circular then add your desired sauces and garnishes. Place it in a pizza stone so that you get the best crust ever. Bake in a previously heated 400 degree oven for about 12 to 18 minutes. Look out for the end results and enjoy with family and friends.

Choosing gluten free diet is however not as easy as may be perceived. It requires one to be vigilant especially when purchasing processed foods. Always read food labels to ensure that the foods that you pick are labelled free from it.