Silk Blouses For A Sophisticated Twist To A Casual Look

While the silk blouse is one of the most important clothing articles in women’s wardrobes for the night and/or formal clothing. These amazing clothes also provide a pleasant style of style to display informally when you match fabrics like canvas, cotton, denim, and natural skin.

A simple but very effective way to achieve this display is to combine luxury or top silk blouses with a pair of blue jeans. If the jeans are really faded blue, combining them with a pale or feminine silk blouse for the maximum effect. If your hair is long, try pinning it with a more sophisticated style to emphasize your bad look. If you are looking for more ideas for a combination of jeans with floral print silk blouses then visit and pick one that best suits your style and need.

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If your preference is a skirt instead of pants, create a good combination by working with a silk blouse with a simple denim skirt. You can let it make loose above the skirt or raise it with a belt using a suitable color or contrast of the silk blouse as your base. Make sure, for the maximum effect, you choose a knee-length or a little shorter skirt.

If you want to make a very contrasting texture display, combining the softness and smoothness of luxury silk fabrics with harder canvas or cotton material. Coarser material is the perfect foil. Select the canvas or cotton color that coordinates perfectly with those found in silk blouses. Some of the ideal colors to consider for your pants or skirts are cream, khaki, or green olive pale to reach the perfect look.