Some Tips On Getting Rid Of Raccoons

Raccoons are curious and intelligent creatures. The problem with raccoons is that they are great at learning how to solve problems and once they learn how to solve them, there's no way they will forget them.

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If a raccoon solves the puzzle of opening your trash can or how to pass through your pet's door, it can wreak havoc on your patience. However, there are some guaranteed ways to get rid of the raccoon forever.

This is all about food

Raccoons are mostly motivated by food, find and eat it. Therefore, if you take their food source, they will leave. There are several ways you can do this. For example, you can store trash cans in a garage or secure it under a patio where they cannot get it.

Use Dogs as Protector

Raccoons will only come to your house if they feel safe. One way you can make sure they don't come is to keep a large dog outside your home. Keeping a dog at home is a good choice.


Fences cannot be chains or nets because they will climb right above it. Electric fence is a better choice for raccoons, especially for small areas around ponds or parks. It is harmless, effective and relatively inexpensive.