Main Ways About How To Get Citizenship In Italy

One of the chief reasons foreigners proceed to Italy would be to acquire citizenship. Italy is among the most attractive European nations to proceed. Thanks to great employment chances coming to Europe, but also due to the many investment opportunities this country offers.

You can also grab these opportunities by applying for italian citizenship. You can get more information regarding how to apply for italian citizenship via .

Italian Citizenship

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The primary ways to acquire citizenship in Italy

Those wondering the length of time it takes to get an Italian passport should understand that there are numerous ways that citizenship can be obtained. These are:

  • By way of a residence permit which suggests living for a couple of years in Italy before being granted citizenship.

  • By way of employment that suggests working in Italy so as to attain citizenship (there are numerous kinds of work permits that could be accessed ).

  • By naturalization which suggests a complex process, however, it's fairly simple to get.

  • By devoting an Italian citizen that suggests finishing a variety of formalities so as to become an Italian citizen.

  • By investment that's among the most well-known methods for immigrating to Italy as a non-EU citizen.

  • By acquiring a variety of kinds of visas, such as family reunification allows, however, these aren't that frequently used.