How is the ASVAB Assessed?

Many people fear that they will "fail" the exam or that the results will cause them to fail. A small percentage, about 30% of people, fail the exam. Most people score high enough to join the armed forces, but low scores can limit one's military career opportunities for future advancement.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for this required army entrance exam is taking the online ASVAB practice test at

The test is graded in a number of ways, but the results used to determine whether you qualify for certain military service are known as AFQT scores. This result is a combined assessment of the four main ASVAB subjects. 

The four areas that combine to form your AFQT Total Score are Arithmetic Thinking (AR), Math Knowledge (MK), and Verbal Composition (VE), which is a combination of your Word Knowledge and Paragraph Composition scores.

Once you have an AFQT score, you can determine if you can enter the industry and field you desire. Your AFQT score will depend on the service you wish to register with. Depending on the profession, a higher number of points may be required.

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