What Type of Ovarian Cancer Is Caused By Talc?

Talc has been linked to cancer. Commercially available talcum powder is made from a natural mineral called talc, which often contains a small amount of asbestos. Even with talc labeled "asbestos free" there may still be traces of asbestos on the talc. Asbestos is carcinogenic and can cause various types of cancer in humans.

Women are more likely to develop ovarian cancer when talc is used near their genitals. If you are suffering from ovarian cancer from the use of talc based product, then you may get the compensation with the help of lawyer.

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However, talcum powder apply to other parts of the body can also increase the risk of cancer. When women inhale the powder or apply it under the arms or absorb sweat, it can be dangerous.

More and more research is showing the dangers of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. In the case-control study, the researchers looked at the relationship between talcum talc and ovarian cancer. They asked women with and without ovarian cancer if they used the powder and how they used the product.

In general, women who routinely use powder in the genital area are more likely to be in the group of women with ovarian cancer. Research in various parts of the world has yielded similar results.

The study is controversial regarding talc use and risk of ovarian cancer. The use of talcum powder in the perineal / genital area is most closely associated with epithelial ovarian cancer. However, other types of ovarian cancer are made possible through the use of talcum powder.