How to Lease Office Space For Your Business

Hiring an executive office space in Bennett, Melbourne or elsewhere is one of the most important business decisions you will make. 

Your best creative thoughts will be hatched, your most important client meetings will be held, your biggest deals will be made – all in your office. Therefore, finding the right office space for lease is a critical decision. If you're looking for office space for lease, you can browse Bennetts Lane

Following a methodical process when looking for office space will help you find the right solution for you. Here are some things to consider when leasing office space:

Gain an understanding of what your needs are. Do this before doing anything. Consider the needs of your business (square footage, room to expand, parking, location, long-term leases, ground floor or a higher floor). 

Rules space requirements thumb is to look for approximately 200 ft of office space per employee. 

When searching for a location, consider a location close to where your clients. If you are going to entertain clients, are looking for office space near restaurants and pubs you will take your clients to.

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Contact your space rental agencies are interested in and ask for rates and terms. Also asking other important questions you have. 

Find out how much space per month, what deposit is required upon execution of the lease, the lease term, etc. If you use a real estate broker, they can help with this step.

Visit the room you are interested to see if they meet your needs. The amount of space is important, but so is the "look and feel." How do you feel in space? 

If you need access to the break room or kitchen, whether the office suite to offer such access? Is there a reception area? Also looked around to make sure that the room has the right storage for files and office supplies.