Everything You Need to Know About Walking Sticks for Hiking

Walking pole is a common accessory among hikers for many reasons; to clear grass or bushes blocking the trail, such as balancing support especially for elderly hikers.

These sticks are also known as hiking sticks, walking sticks, and trekking poles. Most of the time a template for trekking is improvised from a nearby branch or cut wood and can also be used as a defense against wild dogs and monkeys. If you want to get top quality walking sticks for women, then you can browse https://www.highstreamgear.com/product/wx-foldable-trekking-poles-for-women/.

If you are an avid walker, you probably want to get your own hiking stick specially designed for you. If desired, you can make the custom of the stick for a few hundred dollars.

Then you can specify the length, type of wood and even include some extra features such as telescopic paraphernalia. If you prefer to get a template already made, just head to your nearest supermarket and you can probably buy one for a few dollars.

Do you know hikers have found many innovative ways to use the stick? Some were used as poles for an emergency tent for the construction of a small bridge and even as poles of an emergency stretcher. It is also good to use a stick to test the depth of a stream or river before crossing.

At night it can be a lifesaver to not fall into a hole or trench and you can even use the stick for packages carry over the shoulder crossing a small stream.

If you decide to make your own stick, choose a wood straight 6 feet and make sure you have about half an inch back at the wider end. Then you probably cut to about  5'6 "long depending on your height, but that is the ideal length.