Selecting a Good Orthodontist in San Antonio

An orthodontist is a highly specialized dentist. Their main focus is on the prevention and treatment of "improper bites". It is an important dental problem because improper bite can cause a variety of problems such as irregularities of teeth, jaws lame and crooked teeth.

Orthodontics is actually a sub-class of dentistry to be recognized as its own area of specialization. In general, it takes two to three years of extra schooling after graduating as a dentist to earn the qualifications to become an orthodontist. Here are a few tips for choosing the best orthodontist in San Antonio.


Choosing the right orthodontist can be quite a daunting task. If a dentist recommends that you go to see one he or she will probably name a few for you to check out. Also be sure to ask your friends, family, coworkers, and every neighbour is good for a few more recommendations. Beyond that, here are some tips to make this task less daunting:

  • Create a list of recommended orthodontists. Write the names, numbers address etc, then leave
  • Check to see if the orthodontist uses all the latest options for braces as well as options for trendy and "cool" accessories. These places will almost always also use the latest and best equipment.
  • Be sure to check their payment policies. Is there any initial deposit required? Is there a payment plan? Interest will be charged?
  • Ask about consultation. Many orthodontists will do this to educate you and see if you need their help or not. It can be a source of information as well as a second opinion.