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Whenever somebody is dealing with incontinence, what this means is they cannot keep back their urine. Because of this, they should see a doctor in urology to help figure out this issue. Incontinence can be quite embarrassing.

If these muscles become weak or cannot perform their job for a reason or another, then you may urinate on your own. Whether you're an adult or child, the situation isn't fun. You can consult NAU Urology Specialists! According to the problem you are facing.


For example, kids tend to wet the bed out without the real fault of their own. That is because some children haven't developed the capability to control their pee instantly. The fantastic idea is that this usually gets better with the years. 

But if for some reason it does not or increases in frequency, it might be a good idea to see a physician in urology. There are certainly a number of different reasons why you should see this type of physician for incontinence. Research them below.

Being forced to feel like you've got to go to the bathroom, then, once you do, then you just have a few drops are the sign of a urinary tract disease. And people with this problem may undergo a rash because the bladder could still have pee inside it because the infection does not allow you to drain it completely.