Why did Stained Glass Products make For an Ideal Gift?

To choose a special gift for your loved ones, can be a difficult task at times. With millions of gifts are available online and in stores, one would imagine that choosing the right gift is a trivial task, but what if you want to gift something rare or unique?

Something not too common and by gifting you really can convey your love and greetings to the recipient. If you are looking for bullseye confetti then you are at right place.

Well, if that happened I would encourage you to seek the gift of stained glass, which is not only affordable but also beautiful and unique.

But before we talk about gifts made of glass art, it would be a good idea to know a little about this material alone.

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The first traces of the use of stained glass have been found in archaeological excavations of the Egyptian civilization, dating back to as early as the 2nd century BC But the mass use of stained glass in the construction started only around the 5th century and 6th in Europe and Mid East Asia.

Initially though, the type of material used mainly in churches and other religious structures. It was only around the 10th-century craftsmen from Europe and Central Asia began experimenting with stained glass as a piece of art.

New techniques such as glassblowing, fusing glass, lamp work and sand craft developed to take skills to a higher level.

No longer confined to the art glass church windows tinted but, sculpture, miniature, designs and patterns are now being developed.

During the last century the art of glass has become a creative medium in itself and has become very popular.

But art glass products are expensive!

Not really. Thanks to the progress made towards the beginning of the last century, the cost of making this glass has gone down considerably.