The Advantages Of A Center Pivot Irrigation System

Central pivot irrigation system applies to the use of a mechanical irrigation system that is able to correctly water the plants by maintaining a circular pattern throughout a central manhole. It basically consists of a long radial tube supported by a spray tower. The turret rotates around a central point throughout the mechanism.

The radial pipe of Valley Center Pivots itself includes evenly spaced nozzles to supply water to the neighboring plants. As the pipe steadily rotates, water is evenly released from the nozzle to provide nutrients to the plants. 

Center Pivot irrigation systems - Traxco

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Using a radial pipe irrigation system with central rotation, the water moves in a straight line across the field. All pipe nozzles have the same flow rate and are designed for the same area. This helps to significantly increase the evenness of the water applied to the plants. 

However, there are several benefits of using this system. Let's have a look at the below-given paragraphs to know about them.

Reduce dependence on work:

Since the centralized system allows farmers to carry out various farming practices with one machine, it significantly reduces dependence on labor throughout the harvest season. 

Save Resources:

It is possible to activate the central rotation irrigation mechanism at a lower pressure according to the needs of the farmer. This helps save a large amount of energy in the long run. 

Possibility to automate:

Modern irrigation systems with central irrigation are also available with a timer function that allows farmers to supply water to their farms at any time of the day or night. This can be done without farmers leaving their homes. The benefits of automating this part of the farm are enormous and help save farmers a lot of time and effort.