Country Cottages – Perfect Getaway For Your Vacation

If you are considering the English countryside as a holiday destination, a country cottage in England is the perfect choice for your stay. 

As opposed to hotels, villas allow for an authentic British holiday in the country, immersing you in the charm and mystique of the country and at the same time truly being part of the experience. 

Compared to staying in a hotel for your holiday, an English country cottage villa from can mean the difference between a good holiday stay and a great one.

There are many reasons why staying in a villa is a better choice than a hotel. For travelers visiting the English countryside, authenticity is often an important factor in their vacation. After all, England has a deep history and its mansions capture that spirit with original building materials that are often hundreds of years old. 

Many villas have their own original floors and roofs, and a traveler may wonder who came before him relaxing by the fire after a long day in the country. 

Large wooden beams rest against the original stone walls and cross the ceiling as they open onto the thatched roof. But don't let his age fool you; The English country villas have been restored with great attention to detail. 

The kitchen and bathroom have distinctive modern conveniences, so you can try the story out without having to actually relive it.

While many hotels are in the city, most villas are far from populated areas – usually in the middle of the English countryside. 

Many offer fantastic views of the hills, meadows, forests, and rivers. Waking up under the jets and enjoying the terrace view for breakfast is an unparalleled experience.