Important Habits: Help You Manage Your Stress

Here are my favorite self-care habits for dealing with stress:

1. Get used to being aware of it.

Pay attention to anything that feels uncomfortable in your life or that you know is causing you stress. For example, when you approach a certain person, place, or situation.

Are you feeling more stressed and tense? Once you've got your list ready, see what you can change yourself and do. You can also use this list to help predict stressful situations that arise.

However, you can also read stress management techniques on the internet.

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2. Usually ask for help.

You need a team for what you cannot change on your own. Build a team of experts to work on your list. The trainers at the top of the list will help you with the bigger picture and keep you honest about your efforts.

3. Get used to jumping.

Think of Plan A as your basic self-reliance plan while the stress is under control. Now imagine something is happening and you are stressed. Instead of letting go of all your worries because you can't do everything, prepare Plan B in advance.

4. Get used to be grateful.

Our attitude comes from our emotions and our emotions come from our thoughts. When we think about what we are grateful for and what we are good at, things can stay positive. It's not about avoiding what challenges challenge you – it's about approaching life from a place of power, not as a victim.

5. Get used to creating something.

Experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, write poetry, beat the drum, make crafts, take a dance class, or do anything else that you think is creative.