Everything About Funeral Customs for Protestants, Catholics and Jews

Most Americans today prefer traditional funerals, but cremation is becoming increasingly popular. In a traditional funeral, the family of the deceased selects the crypt and coffin, purchases the burial property and plans services.

Most official religions include ritual ceremonies to honor the deceased, but today there is a need to adapt memorial services to make them more meaningful. You can now also get traditional Church funeral services with the help of professionals. 

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Service now includes identifying the deceased's place in this life, affirming the values he or she believed in, and remembering with joy the person's life. These services are often performed to help survivors accept and mourn the death of a loved one.

Some religious funeral customs and services may include:-

Protestant:- Most funerals are based on religious beliefs and customs. Evangelical church services vary depending on the region and denomination. This could include biblical lessons related to the concept of the Christian resurrection. Prayers, hymns, sermons and group readings are also part of the service.

Catholicism:- Roman Catholicism follows more formal burial customs than most other religions. But more and more services today are personalized and part of church traditions and include more readings, songs, and modern music. The rosary or prayer is performed before the funeral and may include an open coffin. There is also a service for the grave after the funeral.

Jews:- Jewish burial customs vary by sect or branch. These services are shorter than Christian services and focus on affirmations of life being lived and prayers that glorify life.