Explore The Beauty Below The Surface By Scuba Diving In Phuket

Phuket is the greatest and adventurous dive sites in the world. The Phuket Island is located in Thailand; offering the various scuba diving adventure for students and the divers who are qualified to discover and explore the beauty beneath the sea and underwater marine life.

The scuba diving sites in Phuket usually choose according to the diver’s skill level and what you want to see. Racha Noi was one of the best diving spots close to Phuket which is the best underwater spectacle. You can also enjoy the scuba diving in Phuket adventure and explore an underwater marine life.

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If you are new to scuba dive, dive leading center in Phuket offers a certified PADI diving course that you can start or help you improve your skills. They can provide the equipment you need to ensure a safe diving experience, too.

There, you can get a dose of the Similans with giant granite boulders, which form an interesting underwater topography.

The scenario changes as you progress in your dive, and along the way, you should be able to enjoy views of a variety of coral formations and marine life, such as tuna, jacks, and manta rays. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the whale shark.

In addition, you will enjoy beautiful views of pristine coral reefs and marine life, which usually consist of boxes of fish, angel fish, Glassfish, jack, and pufferfish.