How To Clone A Hard Drive

Do you want to reinstall Windows on your new hard drive? But, why waste your time reinstalling Windows on your new hard drive, when you have to ability to clone your entire old hard disk. Today, we are going to show you how to do this task properly and we are sure that this guide may help a lot of users who want to move their Windows installation to a new hard drive. 

First, you must know that you cannot clone the hard drive where Windows is installed while it is running. Therefore it is necessary to do it just before the system starts. Partition Assistant makes it easy for you to clone or migrate Windows from one hard drive to another. With other tools like Rufus, you would have to start your computer from a Live CD. This simply alone can lead to many complications. With Partition Assistant the whole process is configured from Windows. The rest of the process is carried out by the program without you having to worry about anything else.

With Partition Assistant, you can clone an entire hard drive including partitions (if you have any) or clone only the partition that Windows is installed on. In both cases, of course, the new disk must have the same capacity, or higher, than the current disk or partition. Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing your new hard drive. If you need to clone only the Windows partition, simply click on Partition Copy in the side menu.

Then the copying wizard will start. Check the option "Fast Disk Copy" and click on "Next". Then choose the partition you want to clone and continue with Next. Now, choose the disk or partition where it will be copied.

In the next step, you can adjust the final size of the partition to reduce it to the space occupied by Windows. Check the Edit partitions on this disk option and resize the partition by clicking and dragging the sliders until you get the proper size. When you're done, click Next and then click Finish. A new task has been created in Pending Operations. Click on Apply and, if everything is correct, click on Proceed.

After this, your computer will probably restart, but instead of starting, as usual, it will do so from the Partition Assistant cloning program. Do not touch any key or turn off your computer while cloning is in progress. When finished, your computer will restart normally.