How A DUI Lawyer Defends Clients

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you need to get a DUI lawyer. This is because an attorney can give you a chance of getting out of this charge by using a number of methods. You should learn a little about what attorneys typically do to keep clients out of legal trouble.

The first thing your DUI lawyer should do is the question of whether the charge has any merit. This might mean questioning the judgment of the arresting officer since it may turn out that he or she had no reason to pull you over. You can visit this site right here to hire the best DUI lawyer.

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Your attorney can also request to have the equipment tested to make sure it is correct. For example, the Breathalyzer may need to be calibrated, which is why lawyers often ask for this tool to be tested to make sure it is working right.

If you were charged based mostly on the field sobriety test, your legal representative may question the tactics used, as this may weaken the prosecutor's case so you have a chance of getting out of the charges.

Your DUI lawyer should also find out if there are any witnesses for your case. If someone saw you get arrested, or even saw you driving, he or she may be able to say whether you seemed intoxicated. If you were at a bar, restaurant, or friend's house before driving, perhaps someone there can help your case by saying whether you seemed okay to drive or were drinking at all.