Eyelash Extensions, False Eyelashes Or Growing Your Own Eyelashes Naturally!

So what girl should it be? So many choices on the market and yes, they all come with a price – not just the initial cost, but the ongoing maintenance of this amazing care!

Beautiful lashes are certainly every woman's dream, but not all of us are endowed with stunning lashes. You can also buy individual eyelash extensions online.

How to choose to get the view, lets take a look at our options:

False Eyelashes

Are you adventurous and have a steady artistic hand? You can try your luck with lash glue and attach an amazing array of faux lashes. They come in a variety of colors, lengths, and thicknesses and offer options to dazzle your friends with an extra sparkle or even glow in dark lashes!

False lashes are sold as single or strip lashes and are available in blonde to black or wild colors like green and purple. The difference between single and band lashes lies in their application.

Individual lashes in two styles: straight or group, applied to the base of your lashes for a fuller look. The individual lashes usually stay in place until your natural lashes relax. Instead, the eyelash tape will be applied to the eyelid at the top of your natural lash line and can be removed and reused.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are expensive but give you a more permanent look. Going to a salon for a few people is a more relaxing way to improve your appearance. Eyelash extensions are single-strand synthetic lashes that are curved to reproduce natural lashes.

They are applied individually to individual lashes by a qualified technician. Not cheap, but prices can vary. When comparing prices, you should pay attention to the quality of the lashes used, the qualifications of the technician, and the operational costs of filling your lashes.