How To Look Casual But Stylish?

Casual and stylish look attractive and enhance your personality in front of others. This is a challenging combination, but the type of display encourages people to show the trend of fashion and style.

Here are some tips for a casual and stylish look:

1. Try Leggings and Dress

Many of these dresses look an awful lot like the top of a long, which means they work on a lot of middle-aged women if you pair them with black leggings, and ballerina slippers or flat shoes. You can also look for best fashionable trends via

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2. Throw in Belt Width

A quick way to look for to date over 40 is to add a wide belt for your weekend casual wear. A wide belt worn loosely around the hips at an angle slightly, will instantly add a touch of the wow factor. Wide belt worn at the hip is also a fantastic way to disguise flabby belly that is so common after 40.

3. Slip on Sweater Wrap

Transition into spring or autumn has never been easier or more fun, than having a wrap. Just put on will make you feel like you have more flare and sophistication.

Is his cashmere scarf wrap, poncho or sweater wrap jacket that cascades front sweater wrap adds chic, grown style to look very casual.

4. Add some Costume

A pair of jeans with a white shirt seemed mild mannered and average, but added some bold costume jewelry and suddenly you have a chic casual look. Look for thick, bright attractive necklaces, earrings and bracelets.