The Most Effective Hard Money Lenders

If you've determined that hard money financing is the right choice for your needs choosing the right lender can be a problem. Here are a few of the lenders we think are the best options for businesses that offer service on a nationwide scale. 

There are other banks, in Florida which provide services only for regional investors, which means you could also look into the options available in your area. You can contact the hard money lenders in South Florida via

Hard Money Loan - Overview, LTV Ratio, and Uses

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The most customer-focused Hard Money Lender 

RCN Capital offers "fix as well as flip" financing across 44 states. The lender provides financing for projects that involve mixed-use and residential properties, which include multi-unit homes as well as single-family homes. 

RCN only charges interest on the outstanding balance, not on the entire amount of the loan. They do not charge a penalty for early repayment and can allow you to save money if you're capable of selling an investment property fast and then repaying the loan.

The best hard money lender for seasonally flipped flippers

Finance of America offers extremely competitive interest rates for commercial and residential properties. 

Furthermore, it can provide experienced investors with credit lines of up to $10 million which allows them to work on huge projects or multiple properties simultaneously, instead of relying on other options, such as cash-out refinance, or business loans.

Instead of analyzing the credit history of a borrower in the process of applying, Finance of America instead examines your history when it comes to investing in real estate which is why this may not be the best option for you if you're a novice investor.