Know More About Banana Pancakes

There are many flavors of pancakes that you can choose from. One of them is a very tasty banana. They are very simple to make as well. Just mash up some bananas and put them into a bowl with the other ingredients.

You can also add a few handfuls of raisins to make them taste better and are healthier for you. Most kids really like the taste of bananas so you can make them great tasting pancakes. With younger children, the syrup can be too messy for them to really be able to enjoy their meals.

You can also add a few slices of banana to the top as a garnish. If you want, you can make the eyes out of the bananas and the use of raisins to make the nose and mouth. There are many restaurants that provide delicious pancakes. You can also check out the best ihop menu prices.

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Some people also enjoy banana pancakes when they add a handful of nuts into the mix. It all depends on the particular tastes that you enjoy. Many restaurants make different types of pancakes as well. One of the most popular is the banana. Most of them use a real banana is not just a condiment.

The Internet is full of great-tasting banana pancake recipe. You definitely will not have trouble finding a few of those who want to experiment with it. For families who enjoy eating pancakes, you need to try new flavors. In this way, there is no getting tired of eating the same thing over and over again.

You can go with the banana pancakes plain or you can mix in a variety of other flavors to get something really great tasting and healthy for you.