Fijis National Drink Called Kava


Kava is known to be Fiji’s national and also a popular drink enjoyed by locals and even the tourists. This drink is usually had during the Yaqona ceremony surrounded by the locals and tourists. However, Kava is also had during any point of day. Let’s learn something more on this drink.

  1. SO, what exactly is Kava? – The kava drink is made out of the root part of pepper plant. After removing the roots, it is then crushed into fine grind which is later on mixed with water. Once the mixture is mixed, the drink is then served carefully inside a coconut shell that has a muddy appearance. During the Yaqona ceremony, the locals offer this drink to the tourist to take a sip. Therefore, make sure you take at least a sip.
  2. How to Drink Kava? – Before you start taking the first sip during the Yaqona ceremony, you need to clap your hands first, take a sip, clap again, shout the work ‘Bula’ and then pass it on to the next tourist. It is recommended to at least take a drink as locals consider it as an insult if you ignore drinking it.
  3. Does it make you High? – Not exactly but is makes your lips and tongue little bit of numb sensation. You can always have more if you like by asking the locals first. One note; it is safe to drink kava as it does not cause any hangover.

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