Tips on How to Stay Cool

When living without air conditioning, how to stay cool is important. These tips can help make your summer more comfortable!

One tip to keep cool is to use your freezer, and not to stand in front of it! Freeze your pillowcase before bedtime and then placing it in a pillow to help cool off long enough to fall asleep or use ice packs to cool the feet, wrists, and head.  You can search more details about Stay Cool guide via visiting Awakened Mind.

Tips on How to Stay Cool

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Fans should also be on your cold warehouse. Fans can be used to draw air through the house. Close all windows but two and put the fan facing inwards and a fan blowing. Another tip is to soak your clothes and sit in front of a fan or take a shower and dry air in front of the fan.

It may be surprising but sometimes stays cold, to go outside. Home can often be warmer than outside the home, especially if there are no trees directly around your house. Outside you can sit in the shade with a sprinkler on you!

The best tips on how to stay cool are to just leave. Plan your shopping for the afternoon so you are in the air shop or spend the day at the library or other cooling stations set up around your town.

Drink plenty of water, check on elderly couples or couples with small children across the street, or head to the house of a friend who does have air conditioning!