Is The NordicTrack S27i Better Than A Peloton Bike?

Now that the NordicTrack S27i has been released at basically the same price as the Peloton Bike+, many people are wondering if it's worth it to buy. While the list price of each of these indoor cycling bikes is almost the same, TailHappyTV points out there are other factors to consider in the pricing. Both the NordicTrack S27i and Peloton Bike+ offer free shipping, but you need to buy special shoes for the Peloton bike because of it's clip in only pedal design. The NordicTrack S27i comes with dual sided pedals, so you don't need any particular kind of shoe to get a workout on this bike, but the opposite side of the pedal has an SPD cleat.

The Peloton Bike+ has automatic adjusting resistance, but the NordicTrack S27i has the same feature along with the ability to automatically adjust your incline and decline from -10% to +20%. This incline and decline feature is unique to NordicTrack bikes. Since neither of the Peloton bikes have a motor to change the angle of the bike, you'll always be riding at a 0 degree angle.

The speaker system on the new NordicTrack S27i is listed at 30 watts, whereas the Peloton Bike+ has a 26 watt speaker system. Each have forward facing speakers, but the NordicTrack S27i also includes a AutoBreeze fan below the 27” tablet to blow air on the rider.

With both the Peloton Bike+ and the NordicTrack S27i being priced so closely in 2022, many people are wondering which is the better choice. You can learn more about which is the better stationary exercise bike in the NordicTrack S27i review posted by TailHappyTV.