Understanding God With Hindu Religion

Hindus believe that God created the universe out of himself, in the same way as the spider weaves a web out of itself. God's creation – sentient beings, nature and the universe – has emerged from God and then they will merge into God again. God is immortal, but his creations are transitory.

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A newborn baby is pious and pure soul, like God. As the baby grows, change behavior, because of the interaction with the community. Thus adult life, selfish, greedy, possessive, and slaves five senses.

In Hindu mythology, God is born of human parents in Earth. The God took birth as a human being, when people need him. This is a unique approach, just in the Hindu religion. In other religions, God sent his good son, or a prophet, which sets a new religion. In Hinduism, Rama and Krishna is the incarnation of God in a different time.

In Hindu mythology, there is a war between Rama – an incarnation of God – and Hanuman, devotee of Rama's stand. Hanuman believe in the principles of the pious and win the battle against Rama – God incarnate– who do not follow the virtuous behavior.

The event, which is attached to the mythological that the principles of superior pious God. In real life, the Lord and ethical principles are always in unison.

There are a large number of idols of Hindu gods in a temple. Fire, Sun, air, water, ocean, planet, elephants, monkeys, snakes, and even stream representing gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion.