Basics of Buying Private Property

Singapore government imposed restrictions on foreign ownership of all private residential properties in Singapore. There are restrictions, such as foreign exchange restrictions, so it is important to consult a local expert when buying property in Singapore. There are restrictions on what kind of property people can buy in Singapore, and you need to know them carefully if you want to buy there. For more information on this, please refer to the private property guide .

 There are some restrictions on the property that people can purchase, so you need to know a little about how it will go to buy a home in Singapore. If you are considering buying property in Singapore, the price you pay will largely depend on where you want to live. All properties in Singapore are at a premium price, although you will find accommodation in a wide range of sizes and levels of luxury. 

As a foreigner, you can buy an apartment in Singapore, but you are limited to buying apartments in private complexes and will pay more than a local. Foreigners can purchase private property such as private apartments and condominiums, but the purchase of landed property such as bungalows will require government approval. If you are a non-Singapore citizen but want to buy freehold land, you will also need to get approval from the Land Contract Approval Department, which is known for being strict and reportedly rejecting about half of their applications.