Rash Vests For Water Sports

Wetsuits that are thick help to keep wearers warm but they can get uncomfortable when worn for a long duration. For this, wearing a rash vest is ideal because it stops the naked skin from rubbing against the nylon and neoprene which can cause chaffing and even itchy rashes. The vest can also add an extra layer of insulation to your wetsuit as well depending on the material used.

The rash vest is typically constructed out of Lycra and is very comfortable. Also, there is a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Some are trendy for the beach and can help to protect against sunburn too.

They provide convenience while improving the efficiency you require to perform well on the water.  Some use them with or without a wetsuit, and it helps to protect themselves from jellyfish and stings. Divers also use them to provide additional protection in cold water.

The bodyboarders as well as swimmers too utilize them since they have found that the added warmth offered by a rash vest allows them to remain in the water for longer. A rash vest gives them excellent thermal protection and also stops people from chaffing during the movement.

Those who surf also very frequently wear a rash vest as the wax on the surfboard tends to come off, creating a bad rash sometimes on the surfer's body. Wearing a rash guard also helps keep the wax off the body.

It is made to fit comfortably against your skin, however, not too tight to restrict breathing or movement. If you wear it too tight, the garment will weaken you to withstand the risks of surfing. Rash vests are also known to stretch a bit and skin-tight is often best used to describe the fit of the vest.