Magento Extension For POS Integration

Every expert web developer magento system follows the best practices for the development of E-Commerce Store.

In fact, if it is not equipped with the best POS, you are set to lose your target audience. Provided the payment feature set in an appropriate manner and coordinating the ordering process is complete, it can definitely help you to improve the user experience of your web store.

Magento POS System will help you decrease the manual workload and make it easy and fast.

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POS-selling Magento extensions that are preferred by many retailers are:

Connect POS

POS Connect is one of the major POS solutions Magento. It offers check-out fast and effectively in a few easy steps. The key features include:

  • Accept multiple payment and deposit
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Handle multiple shops
  • 24-hour guaranteed support
  • Intelligent customer management

POS by Megastore

This is the best web-based POS systems for retailers Magento. It takes complete care both physical stores and online stores. The key features include:

  • Fast and accurate checkout
  • Receive a flexible payment
  • Real-time sync of data in store
  • Easy customer management

BootMyStore POS

With this Magento extension, you can enter your sales order in Magento back office within a short time and with complete ease. It provides you with Magento POS system integrated with a highly responsive and touches UI. The key features include:

  • It is suitable for multi-site online and physical stores. Its main features are as follows:
  • Fast processing orders (product scanning, search-engine tools, and quick access to the product)
  • Panel access user administration directly from the Point of Sale interface