Family Games – Play Boardless Scrabble

Boardless Scrabble is a great alternative for the family to play the famous board game. Since it's a game without a board and everyone plays and competes simultaneously the game is played quickly.

It is also possible to make use of Boardless Scrabble as a pre-writing activity disguised as a game making it more enjoyable to help teach vocabulary and spelling. You can also play smart using the anagram solver cheat online.

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All you require is the box of tiles from the Scrabble game and an unruled piece of paper and pencil. This is how to play:

  • Place the Scrabble tiles facing towards the middle of the table.
  • Every player selects seven tiles. One player begins the game by saying, "Go!"
  • As fast as they can the players are trying to match all seven tiles in order to make their own Scrabble puzzle.
  • Once the player has used up all of his tiles, he shouts "Go!" and everyone has to take one additional tile.
  • In the course of playing players are able to continue making additions to their Scrabble layouts, changing the layouts as often as is needed.
  • After all, tiles are taken after which the first person who has used all of his tiles and completed the puzzle is declared the winner.
  • You can play the game the same way as in normal Scrabble. For instance, if a player is using "X" to represent "fox" (vertically) or ("taxi") vertically it will take the points from "X" at least twice. Take points off any unusable tiles.