Choose Right Skylight For Your Home

Skylight is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make every room of your home lighter and brighter, add an open and airy feeling. Skylights are excellent to ventilate the kitchen or bathroom.

You may find the quality residential & commercial skylights through the internet.

Vented skylights can be operated in several ways: Controlled by temperature sensors, remote control, and electric on/off wall switch, manual hand crank or motor. Skylight shafts take one of three forms:

One is Smooth, wherein the shaft vertically down between the roof and the ceiling. It is the same size as the skylight itself. This type is the easiest to build, but because of the angle offset from the skylights, it offers the least light.

Second is Angled, where the shaft is parallel to the height of the skylight. It, too, is the same size as the window. This occurs when the skylight is installed in a particular location – between two farms, for example – the shaft opening is also limited to a particular location on the ceiling that is not directly under the skylight.

Flared, or a pyramid, wherein the ceiling opening is larger than the opening of the skylight in the width, length, or both. This type, although a bit more difficult to build, is the most popular, simply because it allows smaller skylights to illuminate a larger area.

You will need to locate and mark the opening in the ceiling after the window is installed. Once the skylight is installed, and the ceiling hole is cut, then it is a matter of connecting the two with the shaft.

Once the frame is completed, the inside of the shafts is covered with wood or drywall, and the loft side is insulated to minimize heat loss. To reflect an even greater amount of light in the room, indoor consider painting the shafts with a bright or white semi-gloss paint.

Glass skylights are far superior to plastic ones. Turn signals, pavement, and the goal are all made together. They contain no separate moving parts. This makes them less susceptible to leaks and much quieter when it rains.