Things to Consider in the Selection of a Spray Gun

A spray gun is a basic tool for finishing any furniture or painting a car, and there are many different spray guns on the market that you can choose from. Before buying a spray gun that suits your needs, there are several other procedures that you should consider before buying the item.

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You have to decide for yourself how many sprays you plan on in total. Most factories use an airless spray system which is very expensive but efficient and fast. You can choose a less expensive spray system, e.g. HVLP turbine (high volume, low pressure) or high-volume low-pressure compressor.

Think about the various tools that are readily available at the store. If you have a compressor or other equipment that requires the compressor to function, you will need a high volume compressor and a low pressure spray gun.

Make sure the compressor can produce enough pounds of air / square inch (PSI) to fire the spray gun at high volume, low power. You will need to check the gun for requirements per kilogram of air / square inch.

You should buy both high and low pressure motors if you don't own or like a compressor. Choose a 3 to 5 six psi speed motor if you want to apply regular coatings. Choose the type of bowl you want the spray gun to make. The following is a basic procedure for choosing a car paint spray gun.