A Quick Guide To Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is both way video communication by which presenter or presenters can talk to the audience via live audio and video streaming with the assistance of a camera and streaming server.

It reinstates the requirement to meet in person together with all the geographic dispersed audiences and lessens the quantity of traveling required. Click over here to get more information on video conferencing.

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Video conference consists of:

Live Video And Audio Streaming – Two-way video broadcast is one of the fundamental features of interactive live video conferencing. It allows multiple presenters and each presenter can have complete control of the session.

Not just the audience can see and attend to presenter(s) speeches but presenters can also view and interact with the audience, if necessary. This two-way audio/video streaming increases the effectiveness of content and knowledge is delivered.

Online Chat And Speaker Rooms – To cater to audience questions presenters can allow live chat or speaker rooms to allow different speakers to interact with the audience through text-based chat and live discussion facilities.

Speaker's rooms are the innovative segregated chat rooms that are built based on the speaker or presenter's area of expertise to connect the audience and multiple speakers more effectively and minimize noise.

Hands-Up Or Q/A Features – Hands-up feature is a dedicated question/answer feature that allows individuals to raise questions through voice and video-enabled chat during the session and participate interactively in the presentation.