The Most Common Travel Vaccination In The Nation

Holidays and business trips that take us abroad, these things paint a romantic picture of foreign hamlets and exotic cuisine. What follows is a report on the most common travel vaccination currently used for travel abroad.

Traveler's diarrhea (or revenge of Montezuma if you happened to have acquired it in Mexico) is the most common disease reported by world travelers. However, vaccination that prevents the hub-busting gut is not the Travel Vaccination most common in the US today. It would be a vaccination against yellow fever. To know about more the yellow fever vaccine, you may browse this site.

What is that?

Yellow fever is a viral infection sometimes fatal but always dangerous to be caused by the bite of a mosquito or an infected monkey. That's right, a monkey. For reasons that should be appallingly obvious, we will focus on mosquito infection.

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What does it do?

There are cases of yellow fever mild and severe. In mild cases, the symptoms are very similar to the flu and can hit a traveler of his game for a significant amount of time, decimate your holiday entertaining or important business meetings.


Yellow fever is still prevalent in more than 33 countries in the world, but it is more common in parts of Africa and Central and South America regions. Each year, at least 200,000 cases of the disease are recorded and these 30,000 will die. 

Popular vaccination

An effective vaccination is available since the 1930s It can be administered by a designated official yellow vaccination center. Keep in mind that many countries require proof of vaccination before entry permits. The vaccine is administered as a single dose inoculation and booster shots are recommended every 10 years.