Tips About The Simplest Forms Of Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftercare

Every month, thousands of people have wisdom tooth surgery to remove wisdom teeth that are causing them problems. The surgery is usually simple and it is unlikely that there will be any serious complications following this kind of procedure.

However, it is just as important to maintain a proper aftercare routine after this surgery as it would be to maintain an aftercare routine after any other surgery. Here are some tips on minor modifications which you should make after the surgery. Your dentist should tell you about major changes about wisdom teeth extractions.

1) Take the painkillers which were given to you by your dentist

Painkillers are not prescribed for the pain, although they will help with that too. Painkillers are often given to patients to help to reduce the swelling, which can actually reduce the chances of infection in the area. Always make sure that you finish the course of tablets which you have been given so that they work properly.

If your dentist does not give you a prescription for painkillers (some dentists won't if it was a simple procedure), you can also take ordinary painkillers from the pharmacy. Always read the label and follow the instructions given on the packet, even if you think you know how to take them.

Never take disprins/aspirin to reduce the pain following wisdom teeth extraction, because these medicines will thin the blood and can make your mouth bleed.

2) Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol can thin the blood and delay the healing process. It can also prevent the blood from clotting properly at the healing site. Smoking can have the same effects.

Dragging on a cigarette also carries a risk that you will dislodge the blood clot which is sitting on the extraction site, meaning that it will start bleeding again. It is advisable that you avoid all alcohol and cigarettes for at least 24 after the wisdom tooth surgery.