Tips for Finding the Right Warehouse – A Canadian Perspective

Business, at its core, is about "supply and demand." With corporate supply chains experiencing never-before-seen pressure, it has never been more challenging for businesses to get the first half of that equation, supply, right.

Smart business is contracting third-party service providers – including companies of 3pl planning in Canada – to take on operational activities including transportation, cross-docking, product shipment and warehousing.

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Supply-Chain Kinks:

Technology is changing traditional retail models. Vendors previously had to operate out of brick-and-mortar facilities, which meant large inventories had to be kept onsite. 

Factors to Consider When Acquiring Warehouse Space

Most real estate agents and bean counters will say 'price is king' when acquiring new warehousing facilities. 

There's usually a reason why a property is so cheap, and, consequently, the savvy executive should consider the following factors when planning warehouse acquisitions:

1. Size

2. Layout

3. Truck accessibility

4. Trailer storage

5. Turning lanes

Caveats to Warehouse Seekers

Many companies hire consultants to help them determine the best places to locate their warehouses. 

Acquiring more warehouse capacity should consider availability in Canada for the following reasons:

1. Because of lower demand for property, Canadian warehouses can be larger and offer more space.

2. Though not in the United States, Canadian warehouses are still in close proximity to/are a short distance from the majority of customers.

Considering these factors, it's no wonder why so many U.S. companies are choosing to have a warehouse in Canada.