Traits Of A Good Release Train Engineer (RTE)

As our business continues to evolve, new jobs are emerging. Among the very popular Agile climbing frameworks is that the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The SAFe frame defines a layered method of scaling Agile to tackle frequent organizational challenges.

Among the key functions in SAFe is the Release Train Engineer (RTE). Because this is a fairly new function, HR divisions and direction teams have struggled with what to display when hunting for the fantastic RTE. You can understand more about the rte certification online through

Basics of Lean-Agile Leadership

Keeping these principles in mind, let us consider the traits which produce a good RTE.

Traits of a Good Release Train Engineer (RTE)

Agile Mindset — An excellent RTE not only knows the bases of Agile and SAFe but adopts an abysmal mindset. The RTE not merely educates Agile but embodies an amazing mindset. 

Courageous — Just like a ScrumMaster, a good RTE gets the guts to say what has to be mentioned respectfully and respectfully. 

The RTE should possess the guts to say "no" occasionally to prevent over-committing the train to a lot of work.

Communicator — A good RTE can provide a message with tact, being sensitive to the way the material is received by the group or by direction.

Teacher — An excellent RTE nurtures the group's understanding of Agile principles and practices through using assignments, Agile games, and demonstrations.