Triangulation For New Product Development

Every growing and even stagnant door and window manufacturers and their suppliers is constantly striving to develop new products and/or services, so they say. These new products are often developed in the manufacturer's facility by a team including sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing personnel.

Some companies have new product development teams while others have a new product development manager. Regular meetings are held to decide which products merit new tooling/purchasing and eventually going to market.

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The process usually begins by the sales team asking for a product they saw on a competitor's product, and without which they will be at a competitive disadvantage.

This isn't really new product development in its true sense but rather "copy product development." Generally speaking there are no patent infringements, and suddenly the new "copy" products are part of the market ante that every manufacturer has. There was no margin or sales lift to the manufacturer or any other players in the distribution chain, and in fact, the new "copy" product is soon a non-issue.

Some companies become more inventive and really start the process of new products where to start – on the market. Does this mean that people with the title of the new product development and engineers have to go by the way? Not all. But in most companies in this fenestration business, they should be distributed.

As a person sits down to write a great novel or make a great meal, they need to and is influenced by factors outside their office or kitchen. These factors can not be experienced surf the web or talking on the phone with the contractor field (salespeople). They have to be seen, smelled, evaluated, tried, tried, and finally set up as something that really will make a difference and give manufacturers and their customers a competitive advantage.